The Right Shelving for Your Garage Can Result to Great Transformation

Getting the right shelving for your garage can be the best solution to many stuffed, unorganised and chaotic garages. As an added bonus, you can now park your car properly in the garage as intended. Even individuals who already have their cars in the garage can benefit from additional convenient storage.

Different Types of Shelving you can Consider for your Garage

There are actually three common types of garage shelving available in the market these days that you can use. It is essential to consider all the given options before choosing the perfect garage shelving system for your unique needs and case. The reason for this is that every shelf carries its own sets of advantages and drawbacks. Choosing the right shelving for your garage can be a challenging decision but there is surely the best type to suit your needs perfectly.

The very first category comprises of garage shelves made of metal. These are the types that are placed on the floor. Metal garage shelving is ultimately strong and can support higher weight without even breaking down. This is also durable and requires minimal maintenance. Metal garage shelves look expensive but these are cost effective. This can withstand even heavy storage.

You can also opt for wooden shelves. Most individuals prefer to use wooden garage shelving because this looks more classy and are resistant to damage due to its rugged nature. Wooden shelves are said to have shorter lifespan as compared to other materials but if these are well maintained and kept away from unwanted moisture, wooden shelves can last long.

Garage shelves that hung on the wall are also highly considerable option when looking for the right shelving for your garage. The main benefit of this type of shelf is that it does not occupy lots of space and an ideal option if you plan to maximize the use of space in your garage. However, you need to make sure that these shelves are supported and positioned on the wall properly to get rid of risks like shelves falling down.

Benefits of Having the Right Shelving for your Garage

There are many benefits you can get when you invest on the right shelving for your garage. Shelving helps accommodate items in organised manner such as seasonal clothing, bulbs, tools, extra linens and more. If you choose freestanding shelving for your garage, you can also enjoy the benefit of moving around easily. Garage shelving can be utilised for numerous things and can benefit you in many ways.

It is not only the garage that can experience freedom but also the homeowners. Freedom will be highly enjoyed since organising clutters in the garage is now made easier. Many things inside the house most especially those vital equipment and tools can now have their respective place. You will also not spend lots of energy searching for misplaced items.

With all these essential things you learned about garage shelving, it will now be easier for you to choose the right shelving for your garage.


What Can Go Wrong When You’re Trying To Move Home?

So you’re thinking of moving home? Well you sure are in for a ride. Once everything is complete it’s like a dream come true but the getting there is what’s difficult. There’s nothing to fear though when you have an estate agency like Bear Southend to guide you. Here are a few warnings that you could probably expect if you’re buying a new home.

Caucasian woman unpacking boxes in new home

Sale Falling Through

This is something that an devastate even the best of us. Nothing can be worse than feeling like you finally got there after the long and exhausting process of selling your home and having it fall through your fingers. Especially because it proves to you just how fragile the market is….right before you’re forced to re-enter it!stopped home sale

Lower Valuation Than Expected

Everyone takes pride in their home, after all we have spent years decorating it, renovating it and most of all living in it. So this pride often translates to over-estimating its value simply because in our eyes they are priceless. So receiving a lower value than expected not only can be upsetting but also in this recession we really need as much as we can get.

Bad Report From A Property Surveyor

Selling a home takes some true skill and really you need as much ammo as you need. Getting a bad report from your property surveyor can really damage your ability to sell your home. After all no one will want to buy a home that has faults.

Not Getting Your Asking Price

Just like getting a lower valuation not getting the price your house is up for on the market can be a blow to your self esteem in the selling process. Money is tough at the moment and the housing economy is even tougher. It can put some off even together.

Illustration of two keys linked to a house shaped fob

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For

If selling vour home wasn’t enough ut’s even worse trying to find what you’re looking for in your new home. You probably have this rigid list in your head that you’re not willing to back down from, and let’s face it it is damn near impossible to find a house with exactly everything we want.


Things You Might Not Know About Your Electric Meter


Since electricity has been commercialised in the market, power companies have come a long way. Power companies generate electricity from a lot of sources such as geothermal, coal, water, wind and even nuclear reactors. This allows the power suppliers to supply the consumers with sufficient electricity. Even the distribution range has increased. The tools used by power companies also developed including the electric meter. Electric meter is no longer the old analogue electric meter. There are many models of electric meter which includes digital and smart meters (source: JSG Solutions) which are more advanced. There are even things which you might not be aware when it comes to electric meter. And here are the things you might not know about your electric meter.

  1. It is calibrated by your power company – You might think that you can install and use the electric meter you can buy in the market. It is not. Your power company will check first the electric meter you will be using. The electric meter must be in the list of brands and models allowed by the power company. If it is allowed, the power company will calibrate the electric meter to make sure it will provide an accurate reading.
  2. It can provide multiple readings – The first electric meter only provides a single reading. However, most of the new electric meters can provide multiple readings such as monthly to hourly readings. There are electric meters which even provide a detailed comprehensive report such as peak hours and power interruptions.
  3. It can send readings to the power company – Smart meters can now send readings directly to the power company thus there is no need for a power technician to check and read the electric meter in your property.
  4. It allows interval settings – Electric meters used to provide just an accumulative consumption reading where the power companies will just deduct the previous reading from the current reading to calculate the monthly consumption of the consumers. However, today’s electric meters can provide any reading depending on the interval the power company or the consumers such as weekly and monthly readings.
  5. You can upgrade it – Even if your electric meter is in good condition, you can request for an upgrade from your power company if there are new models available. This will allow you to take advantage of the features the new models can provide.

Now you know more information about your electric meters.



Home Adaption Ideas That Won’t Let You Down

There is no place like home. Yes, it is true. Come to think of an elderly living in a certain home. How can you make his or her home a conducive place to live in? It is undeniable that people want the best for our loved ones, especially the elderly. Whether they are living independently or would be moving in your home, it is always best to ensure their safety and comfort. In situations like this, home adaptations are sure fire means to achieve a favorable home for an elderly.home-768x480

The first things first. You have to plan for the best home adaptation ideas. What are the common areas that need modifications? Here are the most common area for home adaptations you can create according to Trinity Living:

  1. Doorways and passageways

As we know, elderly people are already slow-moving, especially if they are disabled. Narrow passages and doorways would not be desirable for them. You can aid their state of mobility, by widening doorways and passages in your home. The ideal passage way at home is at least 3.5 feet wide.

  1. Bathroom

It is very important to remodel the bathroom for easy access. Bathrooms must always be situated at the ground floor level. Moreover, you have to make sure that the bathroom is free from barriers so that wheelchairs can conveniently move in and out. Installing toilet suites with handles, raised toiled, reachable sink would definitely make their bathroom experience a favorable one. A walk in shower with a shower seat is also a suitable idea suitable for a senior citizen and person with disability. Non-slip tiles, safety mats and grab bars should also be included as safety should constantly be ensured.

  1. Stairs

As much as possible, elder’s home must be free from stairs as it is dangerous. Elders also have limited mobility and energy thus, it would be stressful to go up and down the steps. It is best to get rid of stairs to prevent them from falling but if not possible, handrails must be placed on both sides. If you can afford, an elevator would be a solution to avoid the stress of any untoward accident.

  1. Bedroom

A bedroom scheme is one of the home adaptations the elderly which should never be overlooked. For the bedroom, especially designed adjustable beds can be purchased in the market. These beds can easily be adjusted according to the user’s wish. Assistive devices like bedrails and lifts are also needed. As always, light switch must also be located at the doorway and must be accessible for elders because of their impaired vision. Not only the lights but also the closet must be accessible and not too high. In addition to that, you must do away with door threshold and electrical cords in order to avoid tripping. Lastly, a senior’s bedroom must have a smoke alarm for fire safety purposes.

  1. Proper lighting

A home’s best aspect is its well-lighted feature. A home with poor lighting is indeed a lousy and dangerous house. For security, the home should be sufficiently lighted especially if the elder lives independently. Proper lighting is needed for outdoor, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and all other areas of the home.

Home adaptations for the elderly in general is not complicated. You just need simple ideas made extra special out of love.


How To Make Your Home Look More Elegant

All of us take pride in our home and the way it looks. Especially as most of us like to show off our home to our family and friends. It is for that reason that we take so much time in picking out furniture and filling our homes with bright colours and the latest technology. One style that has particularly come into fashion is elegance.elegant

In order to create an elegant home it is important to make sure you stick to very neutral colours. This will make your home look more elegant as it will make use of all of the natural light and also make your home look more spacious.

Most elegant homes avoid the use of tacky and gaudy furniture pieces that stand out too much. The idea of an elegant home is that everything flows seamlessly and matches with little effort.

Firstly when starting to design your home you should consider a colour scheme and match your home accordingly. Thanks to new technology it’s making it even easier to get the home of your dreams without having to compromise when it comes to vital furniture mirror

One piece of technology that can be difficult to match with your elegant theme is your TV. No matter what a TV always seems to go in the opposite direction of making your home look futuristic and monochrome as opposed to elegant. Though mixing old with new can work for some thanks to the new innovative TV Mirrors you can get the style you want.

If you’re wondering what a TV mirror is it is exactly as the name suggests. Firstly the product looks and serves as a mirror but once you turn it on via the remote it turns into a fully functional TV. The first benefit of this is you can choose an elegant frame like the old fashioned elegant mirrors you would find in a movie star’s dressing room. But you don’t have to compromise when it comes to technology. The TV’s can even include 3D and smart technology. So if you’re still stuck on fitting the home to your elegant style don’t forget about the handy TV mirror.


Make Your Garden Better With Artificial Grass

Are you tired of mowing your lawn every weekend? Do you feel that even after daily watering your grass, it doesn’t look fresh and vibrant? If yes, then it is time to switch over from traditional grass to artificial grass that is widely available.lazypic1

Go Local

Are you a resident of Bridgend? If so, then this article would be a great help for you as it introduces the experienced artificial turf company, the Bridgend Artificial Lawns. It has been renovating lawns across Wales and the West with a large success and high reputation of its products and services.

Products Offered

They offer a wide variety of turfs to choose from, which includes Celtic, Cheltenham, Essex, Monmouthshire, Somerset and Gorilla underlay.

  • Celtic, which comes in ‘c’ shape yarns, provides latex backing, giving a fresh midsummer lawn look to any area installed. It is water resistant and consists of a built-in hole for drainage with seven years UV warranty.
  • Cheltenham, which comes in ‘c’ shape yarns, is incredibly soft with a non-shiny effect. It is water resistant and has a built-in hole for drainage with ten years guarantee.
  • Essex that contains latex backing is tri-colored to give it a natural look. It is water resistant and consists of a built-in hole for drainage with ten years guarantee.
  • Monmouthshire, which comes in ‘c’ shape yarns, is exceptionally soft to touch with a bright color combination. It is water resistant and consists of a built-in hole for drainage with seven years UV warranty.
  • Somerset has ultra-soft touch with a bright color combination. It is water resistant and contains a built-in hole for drainage with seven years UV warranty.artificial garden

Installation Areas

Artificial grass Bridgend is installed in homes, play areas of schools or nurseries, or business organisations.

  • At home, the benefit of artificial lawns includes a safe and clean environment, especially for the kids to play, with no rocks or fragments. Also, it provides an entirely non-toxic environment with no use of pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers. Moreover, a range of colors and styles can be used to match the grass installed in the area.
  • Artificial grass is ideal for primary and secondary schools, nurseries and play areas. It provides a safe and clean environment for kids to play. Moreover, shock pads can also be installed under the turf to provide additional safety.
  • Artificial lawns are also famous for rooftop terraces for events, poolside areas, exhibitions and marquees for weddings and functions. Bridgend Artificial Lawns provides services to the corporate sector to meet its customers’ needs.

Why Choose Bridgend Artificial Lawns?

Bridgend Artificial Lawns provides a cost-effective and colorful range of grass, which suits all budgets. Moreover, it has hired CSCS certified professional installers with a vast knowledge and expertise in the installation of turfs. Also, the company is Gorilla Grass, Grono and Namgrass approved, one of the top leading artificial lawn providers

All you have to do is contact Bridgend Artificial Lawns via its Contact Us page and get a quote according to your requirements.